Non-Subscriber Litigation

Texas remains unique in many ways. Texas state law allows businesses to opt out of carrying workers' compensation insurance. These businesses are commonly referred to as "non-subscribers." Companies operating as non-subscribers often provide their own occupational injury benefit plans. Litigation of claims arising in this unique setting requires experienced counsel.

If, as a business owner, you elect to become a non-subscriber, there are certain steps that are crucial. As skilled El Paso non-subscriber litigation attorneys, the lawyers at Blanco Ordoñez Mata & Wechsler, P.C., have extensive experience guiding business owners through these steps. We can answer your questions and provide valuable insight into the paperwork and preparations necessary to help you not only save money but also protect your employees in the event of a workplace injury. In the event a lawsuit arises, we have the experience and skill necessary to defend the matter in court or in arbitration.

If one of your employees has been seriously injured at work, we will investigate the accident and examine your insurance status. While gathering evidence, we will ensure that you are kept informed of any developments and possible challenges that might be faced in litigation. Our lawyers will make every attempt to settle the matter through negotiation, but if a settlement cannot be reached, we are confident in our ability to represent you through whatever litigation might ensue.