Intellectual Property

The Firm provides services in the area of intellectual property, including trade secrets, trademark, copyright, and patents, as well as licensing and technology transfer.  The Firm counsels clients on strategies to establish, protect and preserve various forms of intellectual property.

The Firm assists clients with registering copyrights and trademarks, as well as establishing and maintaining trade secrets, and also advises regarding patentability and strategy for patent protection of inventions. The Firm also works with clients in maintaining, enforcing and defending rights relating to different forms of intellectual property, to include litigation.  In disputes over intellectual property, the Firm focuses on the business objectives of clients to avoid prolonged litigation in favor of creative business resolutions.

In conjunction with the Business Practice Group, the Firm helps clients assess how and where to hold intellectual property interests with respect to related business operations, to minimize exposure to risk while maximizing use of such assets for commercial purposes. 

Working with the Labor and Employment Practice Group, the Firm’s intellectual property practice takes into account preserving rights and mitigating unfair business practices when contractual relationships are ripe for entering into, and enforcing, binding reasonable and fair protective covenants.